Who is Running Chica?

Hello everybody 🙂
My name’s Adina and I currently reside in my native California. I am 18 years young and am going to be starting college this fall 2010! Right now, I am currently hoping to major in pyschology or combined sciences from Santa Clara University and eventually become a physcial therapist/ athletic trainer!

Other than that overview, I’ve started this blog because I’ve been inspired by so many other healthy living/ fitness blogs I’ve been following for quite some time now. I’ve struggled for the last five years with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and a very poor body image. I reached my lowest point during my junior year of highschool where I collapsed at school and was sent to the emergency room. Since then I’ve been on the long but worthwhile road to recovery. With the help, support, and love from my family, friends, boyfriend, and close ones I’ve become a much more healthier, athletic, confident, and most importantly happier young woman 🙂

To start my story off, this was me four years ago freshman year of highschool at my highest weight.

Around this time, I really didn’t care about what people thought about me. Throughout middle school I was constantly teased, harrassed, embarrassed about my dorky looks and weight. I was called every name in the book and on top of that had no real friends to confide in. I had transferred into public school the year before middle school and had a very difficult time making friends and trying to fit myself into already established cliques. As the namecalling became worse and the on going troubles with finding friends only lingered, my weight became to steadily increase as I felt that food could somehow make me temporarily happier and fill the voids in my life.

More importantly during this time, I also was extremely inactive and hated anything that had any relation to exercise. I never was active as a child, and I wasn’t to ever be seen in tennis shoes, playing sports, or participating in anything related to physcial activity. One of my most avid memories as a pre-teen was watching all my classmates stare and giggle at me as a houghed and puffed out a 17:00min mile. My self esteem,confidence, or interest in ever excelling in my mile times, sports, or any form of physcial fitness was non exsistant.

Fall 2006 homecoming dance. As you can see I didn’t exactly fit in (even size wize) with my group of friends

In the fall of 2006 I met somebody who would alter my life in so many more ways than I could had ever imagined. I met my former boyfriend, Seth, over Myspace ( yes, it seems ancient I know :)) and after months of endless phone conversations, texting, and talking over the internet the time came to finally meet in person in March 2007. About two months before our long anticipated meeting, Seth mentioned something to me about a friend of his meeting a girl from the internet who fell victim to the infamous “Myspace Angle pictures and a very intense case of Photoshop and picture editing” and had asked me if I had really looked like the girl that he’d fallen for in her Myspace pictures. I mean I didn’t edit anything about my facial features, but I did had the angled pictures which hid my weight. I was 5″4 and 164 lbs. I was so terrified that Seth would hate and be disgusted by my weight that I took some insane initiative to start exercising only for 30 min a day and approach a much healthier eating lifestyle.

Before all the changes began.

I remember finishing my first 30 minutes on a treadmill and feeling so proud and accomplished of my huge feat. Even though I only finished a little under 2.5 miles, I hadn’t felt any more confident in myself. As I began running daily and significantly changing my eating habits, (Which meant eating only 2 slices of Pizza instead of 6 or switching from wheat to white bread) I dropped almost 30 lbs in two months. When May came around and I finally met Seth in person with my new apperance, my life had taken a turn for the better. I felt so confident with my new body, began becoming more social, and found a new group of friends that accepted the new me and my lifestyle changes.

The boyfriend 🙂

Around 135 lbs. where for the first time I was comfortable being proud of my body and what I’d accomplish

At this point I still wasn’t really into exercising or a real healthy lifestyle. After staying around 135 lbs. I decided to stop running but continue my healthy eating habits. I was content and didn’t even bother weighing myself everyday or obsessing about what I ate because I felt that I had reached my highest potential and that I could do no more. However, during my junior year of highschool as the stresses in my family life and school work began to pile on something inside of me changed and morphed me into the person I’d never think I could become.

Boyfriend’s prom and slowly starting to exercise again

Still loosing but not happy 😦

As my mom turned to alcohol to supress her own troubles in her life, me stressing about college SAT’s and ACT’s, and fitting into a prom dress for my boyfriend’s senior prom I began to develop an obsession with exercising and developed severe restrictive eating habits. At the time my liking for exercising turned into a chore and complete hate. I remember I would cry sometimes trying to complete a 60 min kickbixing video after a 3 mile run. I despised coming home everyday to workout. My eating had also drastically changed. I felt like I had to earn my meals and would even become so worked up when my family would take me out to eat at restaraunts. I would binge on fries, burgers whenever we’d go out and then follow this by either going out for a 5 mile run or purging the food right after. I felt as if I had no control over any of my food urges or bad exercise habits.

Our first trip together and Seth’s first time at Disneyland ! This was around my lowest weight.

During this time no one really knew about my problems with exercising, eating, or the emotional pain I’d been exerpiecing. As I continued to loose weight, and gradually matured out of puberty people would always compliment me which made me feel that I had to keep up this apperance in order to keep recieving acceptance and kindess from everyone. On November 13, 2007 I was getting up out of my chair to leave a math class and suddenly felt extremely dizzy and blacked out for a few moments and fell to the floor in front of all my classmates. It was the most demoralzing and one of the most embarrassing moments of my life as I had to be carried to the nurses office and be sent to the hospital to check my hear rate and other body organs. I was at me lowest weight that I’d ever been at 5″5 110lbs. when I was weighed at the doctors. As my docotor told my parents I had low blood pressure and was underweight for my body structure and height I knew couldn’t escape the horrific reality. I’d tried to ingnore the other signs of my eating disorder such as not having a period for 7 months, having brittle hair, and a drastic sensitivity to cold. But everything became a reality that I couldn’t escape after this day.

I was giving the option of reciving in or out patient treatment and thankfully chose out patient treatment for my recovery. I don’t think that I was ready or strong enough to handle anything on my own without my family, boyfriend, or friends at the time. As I proceeded into therapy I still continued to exercise but felt so angry whenever I did. I hated that I wasn’t like other girls who could eat whatever they wished and not gain a pound. Things changed however when I became a member at the gym down the road from my house. After taking a few exercise classes a week instead of my repetitive TURBO JAM dvd’s and boring treadmill I began to want to exercise. I began forming a great number or friendships with the gym staff, spinning teachers, personal trainers, and other daily gym go’ers who significantly changed my attitude and mindset towards fitness. I don’t know what got into me, but I began to develop a passion for running. Running at the gym or on the trails near my home allowed me to escape and let me be alone in my own zone where I could reflect on things in my life and think. I slowly began loving running and became extremely well at it. I would get lost on runs on the trail and be so motivated by the music on my mp3 player that people would ask if I was an athlete or was apart of any team. My mile time had significantly improved to 7:45 mile and I began to think of myself as Adina the Runner and athlete not Adina the sedetary rock.

Senior Prom with my girls 🙂

I soon after began feeling and still continue to feel that I was made for running. As people would come up to me and ask if I was doing track in college or compliment my long athletic legs I began to identify myself as a runner. Looking back at me three years ago running 30 minutes was such a task and challenge for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all and simply was exercising for the calorie benefits. Running 7 miles isn’t a task for me to do or a scheduled workout. To me it’s something that I do simply because I want to. 🙂 I am going to be running my first half marathon at the Nike’s SF marathon in October 2010 and can’t wait to exerpience this life changing experience !

Homecoming fall 2010, what a difference huh 🙂

As I went to therapy, school became better, and my family life improved drastically my eating habits also changed for the better. I feel now that I am slowly starting to gain control over what I choose to eat and accept that if my tummy is hungry or if I want to eat a brownie for dessert that I won’t gain 3 lbs. overnight. I am no longer afraid of eating food or even bother to count how many calories I eat per day. I continue to eat the healthiest and freashest foods that I have access to and haven’t been any happier. Food is something that I can actually enjoy now! I am slowly starting to get into baking and cooking healthy meals for the family thanks to all the blogs I’ve been following. I also think I’ve finally come to the realization that food is simply food. I don’t need to cry when my mom orders pizza for the family or feel the urge to binge on foods that I’ve deprived myself of like my beloved peanut butter 🙂 I know now that everything is good in moderation and that I do posses the control and choice to decide what I put into my mouth

Not only is she my best friend, but the most wonderful sister

Without these two, I wouldn’t be where I am today or be the person that I’ve become 🙂

As I continue to run, I’ve hit minor bumps down the road such as running injuries, stress fractures, etc. Although these few injuries were hard on me for the months where I forced myself not to run, I found another new found passion for spinning and cycling! In addition to considering myself as a runner, I would most definitely consider myself as a spinner/cyclist also 🙂 With spinning, like running, I tend to get lost within the moments where I am pushing my self and testing my physical capabilites. I’ve formed so many relationships with spin instructors and daily spin class memebers that I’ve created my own family at the gym! As creepy as that may sound lol 🙂

Although I must say, I am a pretty creepy girl in real life. just kidding 🙂

I was waiting for this day for quite sometime 🙂

Other than that enormous story lol, my personal life hasn’t been any better 🙂 I am still with Seth, 3 years and counting, and have a much more sane and less stressful relationship with my family. I’ve never felt closer to my parents or sister and can’t find any way to thank them for their support and care they’ve given me these past couple of years 🙂 I would also like to thank all the bloggers I’ve followed for helping me realize that food, exercising, and life can be enjoyable!


If you wanna know any more about me feel free to ask,
so long for now!

p.s I am sorry if I’ve offended anybody with my weight numbers/lbs I am only trying to make my story a bit visual and easier to see and understand.


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